Cost of Document Scanning Software

DMS companiesDocument scanning software is accurate, fast, and affordable when you choose the right company. Part of choosing the right company is researching the cost of document scanning. The price you pay will depend on many factors, such as the type of document you need to be scanned, the desired format, resolution, and amount of scanning required.

Prices for DMS software can start at 3.5 cents per page up to 5 cents per page and beyond. We never scan blank pages, only charging you for pages that have content on them. Not everyone can say that!

While light preparation is included, your price may go up depending on the size and type of the documents, whether or not you have specialized documents that are complex, and the request of additional services, such as color image files, removal of staples and paper clips, OCR processing, multiple file folder indexing, stapling and re-assembly, shipping, and document destruction.

From medical to legal to accounting, our document scanning software can help many professionals in many industries if you will like to develop something similar, here is an interesting post about discovery phase in app development. Fill out this form for a free estimate to see how affordable the cost of document scanning can truly be.

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