Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems

Selecting a new document management system for your business is a very important task.

Did you know that the average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper a day? That’s a lot of paper. And it also means it’s a big expense for your business.

Are you trying to reduce paper in the workplace? Are you looking for a more efficient way to store your documents? If so, a top-rated digital document management system may be what you’re looking for.

These systems are relatively new, so many businesses aren’t aware of the many benefits they can have. Plus, there are several options that you can find online. So how do you know which one is the best management system for your business?

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What is an electronic document management system?

This term can sound complicated, but it’s a simpler concept than you may think. In short, a document management system is computer software that allows you to store and track documents, both paper and electronic.

Generally, document management systems aren’t a one size fits all software. They come in a variety of sizes. The size you choose depends on your business’s needs. Often, they incorporate many other functions. These can include calendars and company-wide messaging systems.

How much do document management systems cost?

Cost of DMS Software

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Top Document Management Software Company LogosIf you’re looking at a price of a new document management system for your business, it’s because you realize that cost is one of the main concerns. Like anything else, you get what you pay for.

Many times you’ll be offered several packaging options. So if you’d like a basic account that would just include document management, you would pay less. More complex systems would cost you more per person.

The average cost for a document management system is between $20 and $50 per person. Of course, this very much depends on which package you choose for your business.

Some things that you may be charged for when you purchase an electronic document management system:

  • Your monthly fee (Including any support, set up, and maintenance)
  • Licensing upgrades
  • Hardware set up fees and costs

How do you choose the best document management systems?

You may be interested in choosing this type of method to implement in your business. But there are tons of options that you can wade through. It can be a little overwhelming to choose.

It’s great to have choices, but this can also further complicate things. First, you need to know the things to look for in a system.

Once you’re aware of these factors, you’ll be better able to choose. We’ll run you through the items you should be able to check off your list.

How easy is it to use?

This may be one of the questions you’re asking yourself before choosing a system for your business. If you and your employees are not able to use the system, it’s pointless.

Some things you should think about when you’re searching for a system:

Is the DMS user-friendly?

The interface of the system should be easily accessible and navigable by even the least computer-savvy employee in your office.

Is there a single sign-on?

Having to sign on for each feature of the system can be unproductive and waste employees’ time. Look for a system that only requires you to log on once.

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Are there guides to help users with the document management system?

Constantly calling technical support to help with any issues or navigation uses up time and money. The ideal system would have helpful instruction guides and tools that help users each step of the way.

How secure is the DMS system?

As a business owner, you’re always concerned about your business’s safety and security. One of the benefits of using these types of systems is their security. You’ll no longer need to worry about your data being compromised by an outside source.

You should ensure the system you choose has the following features:

How are the documents indexed?

You want everyone within your business to be able to view and edit documents within the system.

However, if you have hundreds of documents, wading through all of them to find a specific item can be a chore. You want to ensure that your system has a great indexing system implemented.

The great thing about a document management system is you don’t need to search through folders and papers. So, you want to make sure the system you choose is easily searchable.

The system should be able to find a text-based on a name, title, or keyword.

Request a free quote and download FAQ’s like:

  • Document management systems in Sharepoint,
  • DMS features
  • Open Source Document Management Software
  • Types of Document Management Systems

How mobile is the system?

As a business, you should be able to access documents and data from anywhere outside the office.

That’s one of the best benefits of a document management system.

Before you decide on a system, make sure that you’re able to access the system from any device or operating system. There may be specific applications that you’ll need to download.

It’s best you know all of this information upfront if you’ll need to access documents from anywhere.

What if your business grows?

Right now a particular system might work for your business.

But you should also consider the longevity of the system for your business’s needs in the future. Your business and documents may grow over time, so it’s something to consider.

The best system for your business would be one that would grow and adapt as your needs change. Ask yourself how easy or difficult it will be to update documentation and systems should your company expand.

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It’s unbelievable how much paper is used within a business. Not only is this bad for the environment, it can also cause confusion and lack of organization within your company.

That’s why your business should look into investing in a document management system. You’ll be able to store all your business’s documents in a safe, accessible place. You’ll not have to worry about others accessing your information unless they’re authorized.

Here’s a List of the Best Document Management Software:

  • eFile Cabinet
  • Van Systems
  • Madcap
  • PinPoint
  • DocStar ECM
  • Content Central
  • FileHold

Are you interested in implementing one of these systems into your business? Reach out to us to receive quotes on our services.

If you haven’t thought about going paperless yet, now’s the time. You can do away with the problematic processes of storing vast amounts of paperwork, saving on space, eliminating faxing, and saying goodbye to hours of searching through physical files. Document management systems allow you to store and retrieve your data easily through keyword searches. What used to take hours now takes seconds.

Perhaps you’ve never taken the leap because of the security breaches and information leaks you hear about in the news. However, those instances are typically a result of poor management in-house of internal information. We have the tools to keep your information safe for your peace of mind.

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